Top 5 Social Media Sites For Young Generation

June 18, 2014 Posted by P90bhSygdR

The use of social media among the young has really gained sturdy grounds in the past couple of years. This is because social media is not only entertaining but informing as well. It is important to note that a lot of youngsters in the modern world have been denied the real social life. And if some have not been fully denied the direct social life, they have certain limitations and urges which compel them to cling on online social life.

Surprisingly, online gifts and social life among young people has become an addiction. It is no wonder to see your two young boys sitting opposite to each other in the living room and chatting via social media. Social media is now a craze in the young generation.

If you fall under the young generation bracket, here are social media sites that will help you interact effectively with your pals:


It is indisputable that young people have great passion when it comes to watching online video clips. Well, if this is your trend, then YouTube will greatly complement your video watching passion. The site stands as one of the most prominent since inception. A lot of people tour the site and share video uploads. As a young person, you can be assured of learning a lot of things and above all be entertained.

4. Digg.Com

For youngsters who really loves being updated on the current happenings, this is the ideal social media site for you. Digg.Com is designed to provide people with a lot of content for you to share from any place of your choice. The whole concept is all about positing of links and stories for followers or users to vote and leave their comments respectively. actually plays a great role of not only educating young minds but keeping them entertained all along. It feels great to comment and vote for contents based on merits.

3. Answers.Yahoo.Com

Do you think that you possess smart and young mind? Well, Yahoo Answers is the social media site where you can challenge yourself on different real life matters. Although the site is not purposely designed for your people, it can help them enhance their intellectual knowledge by challenging them to answer certain questions.

The site is basically made of two parties. The first party comes forth with questions on certain topics while the second party provides answers to the respective questions. You can be assured that the site is full of fun and knowledge as well.

2. Twitter

This is one of the most commanding social media sites which are made of a great number of people. The site has already garnered millions of users from all across the globe. It is a best match for youngsters since there is much to learn and enjoy from Twitter. The drill is all about forming your own group of followers where you will be updating them with great stuff. You can as well follow other people and learn on what they have to say.

1. Facebook

Who does not know this great social media site? In fact, Facebook happens to be the core center where young people meet and share great stuff. Facebook features a couple of functions which people can implement in order to be entertained. You can chat with your friends and develop a mutual relation. You can also poke your friends, comment or like their status updates. You can be assured that this is complete fun.

What Is The Youth’s Reaction And Perception Towards Social Media?

June 18, 2014 Posted by P90bhSygdR

The truth is that social media has created a strong impact on youth as opposed to grownups. A great number of young people are making use of different social media platforms to satisfy their urges and also accomplish important things. Since inception and establishment of social media, the trend has remarkably been embraced such that even children at their young stages are using it.

13It is indisputable that social media has brought forth both negative and positive impacts among the youth. Some youngsters are making use of social media to do constructive things while others are using the platforms to offend people by doing unpleasant things. This definitely reflects the kind of reactions that youth has towards the inception of social media.

To further emphasize on the reactions of youths towards social media, here is how most people consider the trend:

An Interactive Platform

It is indisputable the social media plays the best interactive platform. This is because the platform provides a perfect place when people from different corners of the globe meet and share ideas. This is actually the core reason why a lot of young people have embraced the social media trend.

It is important to note that it is only natural that young people love interacting. In this regard, their reaction towards social media is absolutely positive and undeniable. They consider social media as a perfect tool to help them make friends and interact for mutual benefits in the long run. In fact, a lot of young people have already met their life partners from social platforms.

An Entertainment Spot

You must understand that young people and entertainment is one thing at the same time. It is actually impossible to find a youth who does not like entertainment. In this regard, part of the reaction from the youth towards social media is channeled to entertainment.

It is with the help of social media that the youth get to do things that make them have utmost fun. For instance, YouTube provides a great deal of videos including the latest. A lot of youth therefore benefit greatly from the site since they will have the chance to watch their favorite clips.

In addition, social media provides the youth with a chance to chat and share sweet and more so entertaining things. This means that they will have fun when doing that all along.

A War Front

For the past couple of years, social media war have been a daily trend. This comes as one of the negatives that social media features. You will realize that young people are making use of social media to trade insults and spread ethnic based arguments. Consequently, cohesion and sovereignty among most nations have deteriorated.

One of the reactions towards social media among the youths is that it is a perfect tool to empty personal pressures and problems. They have already developed the perception that social media is a platform where people engage in cold war. Facebook has for long been on the spotlight for allegations of spreading social hatred across the globe.

What Is Social Dating?

June 18, 2014 Posted by P90bhSygdR

15Looking for information on what is social dating? Then, you have come to the right place. Today, social dating is blurring the lines between social networking and online dating. Actually, it is likely that online dating on social platform will soon be more successful than the traditional standalone dating sites.

The Future of Dating

With this regard, social dating is likely to take over the dating scene. With time, everything will dissolve into new social media systems such as Facebook. The mixing and blending of social networking with online dating is already creating successful formulas for new social media sites. For instance, this mixing has grown Zoosk to over 30 million users in under two years.

Social Dating: Social Networking and Online Dating

Still, there are differences between social dating and online dating. Traditional online dating resembles going to the pub/ bar alone and finding someone. On the other hand, social dating is more like showing up at a pub with your friends, hanging out and having fun before you start the dating game.

The circle of friends and acquaintances that you can access through social networks has the potential to enrich your dating experience. In fact, it makes the experience more interactive and fun.

What Is Social Dating?

Essentially, social dating is traditional dating rendered a modern twist. If you have ever gone to a bar or to a party with your friends with the hope that you will meet other potential singles, then you have actually engaged in subtle forms of social dating.

Social dating as a concept, however, is not new. In fact, it transcends the traditional methods people used to connect with others. This is on account of the growing popularity of social media. Today, social networks permeate our professional, platonic and romantic relationships with people.

Some time back, people would meet by chance at events, parties, work, and school or through friends and family. However, people are now growing more accustomed to meeting and interacting with others on the internet, regardless of social expectations.

Of course, there are flaws to meeting people online. The most profound of these flaws is that there is a lack of social filters to provide users with a safety net or sense of security against online predators.

Still, even though social dating has the potential to actually introduce you to people you would not cross paths with, it can also filter down your online dating pool by increasing your chances of finding a good dating match. This means that it can provide you with more options and offer you more value than traditional dating websites.

If online dating irks you a little, then you should consider some social dating. Also, think of it as a referral- based dating phenomenon. People refer good auto- repair shops, low- cost insurance and good doctors. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not receive a referral for an excellent date.

Overall, social dating will give you a casual way through which you can explore your options for new friendships and relationships. It opens up opportunities for you to find life- long mates and friends.